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Welcome to the booking page of Atlantis and Mozart-Brain-Lab

Please, read the following 9 points before you book one or more overnight stays.


When you book one or more overnight stays, you automatically receive a confirmation bij e-mail in four languages indicating the deposit you will have to make.

If you can't find the confirmation e-mail, look in your spam folder.

If you did not receive the confirmation e-mail, please contact us as soon as possible.

Further down this page, you will find the telephone numbers for Atlantis and Mozart-Brain-Lab.


2) Keys

Guests of Atlantis:If you arrive when the therapy centre is closed you will need to pick up your keys at the cafetaria before 20.00h. Please note that ion Saturdays the cafetaria closes at 17.00h.



Please note that both the Atlantis Centre and Mozart-Brain-Lab Centre only accept payments in cash.



Please give us a thelephone call before you book one or more overnight stays.

One of our recptionists will give you important onformation and will write down for you a list of necessary things you need to know concerning the tests that will be done or that have already done in our centre.

If needed, one ofn our therapists will answer your questions concerning the therapy.



In some specific situations your therapist may determine that a night treatment is necessary. Did your therapist at Atlantis or Mozart-Brain-Lab prescribe that?

In tht case, please write it in the text box labelled "questions/remarks" when you book your room.

If you don't write it down in the text box, there will be no possibility for night therapy on the day of your arrival.



If you will be doing the treatment at Mozart-Brain-Lab, please write it down in the text box "questions/remarks"



Some of our apartments are located in the building of Mozart-Brain-Lab.

These apartments are exclusively to the guests of Mozart-Brain-Lab.

On our booking website you will see clearly the mention: NOT FOR ATLANTIS!

So, please, if you are doing the treatment at Atlantis, don't book your overnight stays in these apartments.



The accomodations of both our companies are exclusively intended for guests who come for treatment, training or are doing the formation at Atlantis or Mozart-Brain-Lab.

Our rooms, apartments and houses are not avilable for tourism or other goals, as determined by our articles of association.


9) Transfers

If you want us to organise a transfer to and from the airport, please send us a E-mail 5 days in advance with all the information we need (Airport, flight,...)


10) 10% supplement for the therapy if you don't overnight in one of our buildings.

When you choose to book a therapy without also booking accommodation with us, we must increase thecost by 10%.
Let us explain why:
In order to maintain the very high quality of the therapy at the same modest price we must consider therapy and accommodation as a whole.
Our very reasonable rates include complementary therapies (Giger®, Bal-A-Vis, therapeutic horse, reading, writing, etc.) and other types of exercises that we would not be able to offer if not thanks to the income from accommodation. All of these highly targeted complementary therapies, provided free of charge when combined with the listening therapy, intensify the effects and benefits of the therapy. You
and your children benefit from this double advantage.
We do not receive subsidies from the state, municipality, or insurance, etc., because we are a totally independent non-profit organization. In spite of this, we strive to maintain the affordable rates of recent years, which we can only accomplish by making the accommodation an integral part of the therapy. We offer you a wide variety of choices to make your stay as pleasant and functional as possible. In addition, the treatment of children with autism is often based exclusively on night therapy, which presupposes accommodation at one of our facilities.
Our greatest wish, with Jozef and Astrid, is to perpetuate the true listening therapy as developed by Professor Tomatis. In order to ensure a long life to our institutes and to offer our services to a larger number of customers, certain measures, such as this 10% mark-up rule, are essential.                                                            The letter has been in place for several years and we wanted to remind you here its reasons and imperatives.


We wish you a nice stay!